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2023-2024 Collin College Catalog 
2023-2024 Collin College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Studies, AS

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The Associate of Science degree provides general academic courses and electives for students who plan to transfer to a college or university. Because of the various transfer requirements at colleges and universities and to ensure enrollment in appropriate courses, students should verify course transferability and degree applicability with the Collin College academic advisor and/or visit TransferU at: http://www.collin.edu/transferu/index.html.

To earn an Associate of Science (AS) degree with no field of study, complete the 42 credit hour General Education Core, 18 credit hours of general studies electives and any other Associate of Arts (AS) degree requirements. Check with your transfer institution before registering for general studies electives to make sure your courses will be degree applicable to your bachelor’s degree at the transfer institution.

First Year

Second Semester

Second Year

Second Semester

Total Credit Hours: 60

1. For an AS Degree, Mathematics courses must be chosen from the following: MATH 1314 , MATH 1316 , MATH 1342 , MATH 2305 , MATH 2318 , MATH 2320 , MATH 2412 , MATH 2413 , MATH 2414 , or MATH 2415 .

2. For an AS Degree, a minimum of 18 credit hours of degree requirements and general studies electives must be completed. General studies electives may be drawn from any college-level credit course.

3. For an AS Degree, Life and Physical Sciences courses must be chosen from among the following: BIOL 1406 , BIOL 1407 , BIOL 1414 , BIOL 1415 , BIOL 2401 , BIOL 2402 , BIOL 2406 , BIOL 2416 , BIOL 2421 , CHEM 1411 , CHEM 1412 , CHEM 2423 , CHEM 2425 , ENVR 1401 , ENVR 1402 , GEOL 1403 , GEOL 1404 , PHYS 1401 , PHYS 1402 , PHYS 2425 ,or PHYS 2426 . A two-course sequence is recommended, but students should consult with an advisor to meet requirements at transfer institution.

4. Any core course not already utilized to fulfill a component area, or EDUC 1100 , EDUC 1300 , KINE 1164 , KINE 1304 , KINE 1338  may fulfill the last hour of core needed. If student earns more than 42 core credit hours, the extra hours may be applied to degree requirements.

The underlined GEN ED courses note required core components for the AS degree. If no class is specified, student has option to choose from that component. Students should consult with an advisor on best options for their chosen field and what is required by their chosen transfer institution.

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